Are you planning to visit the Tohono O’odham capital of Sells in Arizona? If it’s your first time to go to this place, you might want a couple of beforehand tips that you can use to find fascinating things to do in this region. Located in Pima County, Sells is a CDP – Census Designated Place in Arizona State. Below are the best things you can do in this area.

Enjoy desert food

Have you ever tried traditional desert food? If not, you might not believe what you get at the Desert Rain Café in Sells, Arizona. You get to sample some healthy and traditional delicacies that have fed the Native American people for centuries. Dessert Rain prepares meals in the same old ways that it’s been done for centuries, and they try new approaches sometimes. Since the diet is predominantly organic and healthy, it’s a great choice for someone who’s looking to regulate blood sugar or fight diabetes.


How about Stargazing at Kitt Peak, a 6875 feet Mountain that has the biggest concentration of radio telescopes, optical telescope, as well as the biggest solar telescope in the world. In addition to these scientific implementations, Kitt Peak boasts an awesome view of the surrounding areas. The highest mountain in the area, Baboquivari, is 7730 feet. According to local Tohono O’odham cosmology, it’s believed to be the world’s navel.

If you’re looking to take in the vastness of the sky at night, there’s no better place to do it from than here in the dessert. You can take a guided tour or you can just drive yourself to this place. You’ll need advance planning to take part in the ‘Nightly Observing Program’, whereby you can closely view distant galaxies and individual planets. The beauty of it is that you can reserve online, at least 2-4 weeks in advance. Since it’s very cold in the desert at night, make sure that you carry a blanket.

Navigate shaky ramps

The trails leading up to the Picacho Peak is a fantastic hike that boasts about 2000 feet of inclination just under 2.5 hours. The trail starts off easy during the first 30 minutes, but then becomes callous after that. Rocky crevices and shaky ramps lead to the summit. By the time you get to the top, your hard work will pay off and you’ll be rewarded with nostalgic 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding desert and all its glory as well. But that’s not where it stops – going down requires nearly as much effort as going up. Think about swinging down a zip line without any reinforcements whatsoever. It’s just an awesome way to invigorate yourself for the remaining part of the week.

Sells is not only a unique but also magnificent part of Arizona. Start with a tasty meal at the Desert Rain café then embark on stargazing at night. Make sure you don’t leave before doing the Picacho Peak trail – it’s an outstanding outdoor adventure.