Arizona is a history-steeped place, with beautiful and diverse landscapes. The state is one of the most historic areas in the United States. It’s also characterized by multiple, scenic towns that will truly impress any first time visitor. From former town gems that were mining centers to desert surprises and mountain beauties, here are the top ten most scenic towns in Arizona.

1. Bisbee

Bisbee was established way back in 1880. It’s a charming town whose history is rooted in mining. Located in Southern Arizona, Bisbee was once referred to as ‘The Queen Of The Copper Camps’. Today, the town is home to a beautiful community somewhere among the Mule Mountains, very popular amongst retired folks and artists. Most neighborhoods here range from European-style homes to Victorian, with beautiful hillside constructions. The town also has many art galleries, unique shops, and restaurants. Places to visit in Bisbee include the Queen Mine Tour, and the Ghost Tour, which takes you to some of the most haunted constructions in the region.

2. Cave Creek

Cave Creek has a steady past in gold mining. Not far from Scottsdale and Phoenix, Cave Creek never lost its distinctive Old West charm. There’s almost always something for everyone. There are many attractions, including the Frontier Town, and for outdoor buffs, the immediate landscape offers a lot of recreational opportunities – from horseback riding to hiking. If you’re a nature lover, the Spur Cross Conversation Area is the place to be. The town is very friendly, with many galleries, eateries, and boutiques.

3. Globe

Located in the heart of South Arizona, at the base of Pinal Mountains, Globe is a former mining camp. It was founded in 1876, then incorporated in 1907. Glove comes across the board as a beautiful town characterized by century-old buildings, hillside houses, and cottages. Its historic downtown is popular for antique shopping and leisurely strolls. The Cobre Valley Center is also an awesome place to explore works of art.

4. Greer

Located in Eastern Arizona’s White Mountains, new the New Mexico border, this is an outstanding valley that doubles up as a great spot for outdoor fanatics. Greer has breathtaking surroundings (e.g. the Little Colorado River and multiple forests). Greer is ideal for fishing, hiking, skiing and camping. If you’re a pro photographer and are looking for some great spot, Greer is the place to be. For culture buffs, the Butterfly Lodge Museum has enough to keep you thrilled.

5. Prescott

Prescott is sort of a small city, rather than a town. It is located in Northern Arizona and surrounded by beautiful landscape. It makes an outstanding spot for people who are seeking adventure, and those who love culture as well. Common recreational activities include rock climbing, hiking, and mountain climbing, among many others.

6. Sedona

This is another stunner in Northern Arizona, and actually one of the most scenic places in the nation. The town attracts millions of people who visit the Red Rock State Park, and many other tour hotspots. You can experience the immense energy all around the area, or take a break at one of the many spas. Sedona is characterized by an alluring landscape that makes it ideal for artists who are looking to seek inspiration for their work. There are ample outdoor activities for the open-minded discoverer, from kayaking to hiking!

7. Winslow

Northern Arizona, Route 66 is where you find Winslow. This is a must see place located on desert plains in the valley of Little Colorado River. The Winslow scenery is nothing short of stunning. The town is characterized by a historic downtown that’s ideal for strolling. Other cool places include the La Poseda Hotel.

In addition to these, Tubac, Tombstone and Jerome happen to be other very beautiful towns in Arizona. Truly, the state doesn’t lack an abundance of gorgeous natural scenery and outdoor activities.