The Desert Rain Café is located in Sells, Arizona. Sells is a census-designated place within Pima County. It is the capital of Tohono O’odham, the native Americans who’re mainly resident in South Arizona’s Sonoran Desert,as well as the northwestern parts of Mexico. Tohono O’odham Nation is a federally recognized tribe.

The Desert Rain Café lies on Tohono Plaza, Main Street. They are dedicated to providing healthy and traditional Tohono O’odham foods for their customers. Each one of their dishes can be characterized a traditional. That mean it includes a traditional product such as cholla buds, saguaro fruit syrup, tepary beans. Sometimes, they serve these delicacies as the Tohono O’odham nation has enjoyed them for generations, or they try new ways them even more interesting. One thing about this café is that they focus not only on traditional desert foods but also on healthy foods. Their menu is often advertised as a great choice for individuals who are looking to regulate levels of blood sugar, as well as control diabetes. They also leverage syrup from the agave as a sweetener, mesquite flour for baked products, and olive oil for cooking.

They serve Monday through Friday, which means no weekend Desert Café for you. Their menu includes a breakfast Morning Dew list, featuring Desert Granola, Hot Cereal, Omelette, Breakfast Muffin and many others. Each one of these costs just $5 or less. They also have a Monsoon menu to cover lunch and a Whirl Wind list that contains side dishes and appetizers. Monsoon lists tepary bean and short rib stews, pear chicken sandwich, quesadilla, Cholla bud citrus salads, and veggie wrap. On the other hand, the Whirl Wind menu lists desert Hummus, Cholla Pico De Gallo, Tepary Bean Dip, Roasted Corn, and House Salad among many others.

Delicious comes out of most of their meals, and this is one real strength for the Desert Rain Café. It seems that the flavors of the desert are rich and wonderful! They provide them in ways that satisfy and excite your appetite at the same time. So if you’re looking to sample some old dietary ways of the Tohono O’odham nation, you’ll most likely enjoy what you get at this Sells restaurant.

For the purpose of this anonymous review, we tried the BBQ ribs on Thursday, and that was quite tasty. The tepary beans are awesome too. And if you’re serious about enjoying a nostalgic summer meal at a place that has a great indoor and outdoor environment, all the same, you’ll probably like what you get here. In some other reviews that we read before making our visits, we encountered some complaints about slow service and not having some items listed on the menu available. We didn’t encounter this – maybe we were just lucky?

To wrap it up, we’d also say that they have a comfortable seating setting. So if you’re looking to for a diamond in the rough, the Desert Rain Café provides traditional, healthy and delicious delicacies in a great environment!